Western Reserve Society
Sons of the American Revolution

America's Largest and Oldest Local Chapter

About us

The Western Reserve Society SAR is the largest and oldest local chapter of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution. We are an educational, historic and patriotic non-profit organization whose members can all verify their direct lineage to someone who supported the American cause in the US Revolutionary War. Founded 5 May 1892.

We are an explicitly non-partisan group that honors the service of those who served in the Revolutionary War, promotes the study of US history, the US Constitution and the best of American ideals and traditions. As the decendents of US patriots, regardless of our political persuasion, we believe in the principles articulated in the US Constitution, the freedoms cited in the Bill of Rights, the value of American citizenship and the unifying force of EPLURIBUS UNUM (out of many, one).

The WRSSAR is an extremely active chapter that serves the greater Cleveland area. We celebrate the diversity of our members and the rich and colorful family histories that make us who we are today. If you are interested in joining, the SAR, please feel free to contact us for more information. If will be in the Cleveland area, please feel free to attend one of our local events. Like our Patriot Ancestors, we are here to serve our community.

Over 125 Years of Service to the Cleveland Area